Smite That Bi*tch

Because this is why you're here. Who was once sun and stars Cast this blight for sin and scars Wither hand and swollen crotch Fair damsel to fade and blotch Hex and curse, to and fro Bid the dark earthy go Frozen woman, heart of … [Read more]

Writ of Revenge

Summon explosive bad luck in somebodies life that wronged you. Trust a fastened chain Ne'er break unwind again Such then should curse befall Broken chain, shattered wall Witness this abhorrent luck Hit that wastrel with a truck Turn their … [Read more]

Lexicon of Libidinous Lust

Raise your sex appear to dangerous levels. Godly beauty bronzed thigh Intent to charge the viewing eye None escape the siren's call Those rocky abs, so like a wall The scent of lust beastly thick You'll have to beat them off with a stick Til … [Read more]

Morbific Mark of Lust

Give somebody an itchy crotch- or something along those lines. Grasping rasping wither want All the brothels they do haunt Swift to seek carnal desire Shall find their crotch set afire Shake scream holler shout No amount of water will put it … [Read more]

Bringer of Golden Wealth

Money will come your way, but maybe in ways you wouldn't expect. Prospect empty money out Shall twist and turn about Where coffers hollow lain Flush with gold shall attain Cash, like water, fast to rise Double triple rush in size A golden … [Read more]

Forbidden Runewords of Protection

Darkness that keeps you safe from hexing. Use at your own risk. Rel Lek Hrem Zkay Ordered bound the corner way Risen darkness ebb and flow Protection is all they know Zhen Sael Qmem Roct Inner guards outer caught Strengthens against all … [Read more]